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Oxford Communications provides personalized political marketing with two goals - to amplify your message and raise the maximum net dollars for your campaign or organization. Our highly effective and customized fundraising and marketing campaigns have a track record of consistent, proven results. We use a number of powerful tools to deliver great results, with a strong focus on fundraising and voter contact through direct mail and telemarketing. More than just a marketing firm, we provide personalized, hands-on fundraising designed to make a difference.   

The Oxford Communications team is led by Will Black, a native Texan with significant experience creating and managing large-scale marketing campaigns for Republican candidates, national committees, and conservative advocacy organizations. After managing direct marketing fundraising campaigns for the National Republican Senatorial Committee among other organizations, Mr. Black served for seven years as the Director of Development for U. English, Inc., a 1.7-million member political advocacy organization.  

Specializing in direct mail and tele-services with a focus on fundraising, Mr. Black created Oxford Communications over 20 years ago as a way to leverage his fantastic track record and overcome the limitations of current models. Oxford Communications operates as a partner rather than just another consultant—while ongoing communication helps us understand the needs of our clients, our personalized service enables us to exceed their expectations. 


Everything you need in a marketing consultant in one spot

Here at Oxford Communications, we provide a full range of political marketing and fundraising services. Our unique approach is effective, comprehensive, and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Each direct mail package is developed with a particular message and campaign in mind, and every communication is personalized and elevated.

  • Fundraising Direct Mail

    Fundraising Direct Mail

    Our "soup to nuts" approach takes care of everything, from the initial strategy through to the artwork, production management, copywriting, print, list rentals, and more. When it comes to political marketing, we truly are a one-stop shop. Working with Oxford Communications allows you to ensure consistency across all channels, with our expert team developing and managing the entire process under one roof.

  • Fundraising Phones

    Fundraising Phones

    Oxford Communications provide a full-range fundraising marketing service, with your message delivered with clarity and enthusiasm across communication channels. Along with direct mail, we also provide a number of phone services, including script development and delivery. We have our own call center, which provides you with greater control over your calls.

  • Voter Mail

    Voter Mail

    Our voter mail service allows you to reach voters through effective and clear messaging.  Our data-centric targeted approach delivers the right message to the right voters at the right time. Here at Oxford Communications, we understand the demanding and time-critical nature of political messaging. That's why our voter mail is delivered on a consistent schedule every time. When you work with us, you can ensure comprehensive management throughout the entire process.

  • Voter Contact Phones

    Voter Contact Phones

    Effective voter contact is critical to running a political campaign. Oxford Communications provides fast and efficient voter contact through live call GOTV, text and voicemail services. We work with our sister company Person2Person Messaging to deliver GOTV texts and ringless voicemail, with our voter contact phone service tightly integrated into our other services.


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We love what we do and are proud of our outstanding results. The following samples represent just a few of the great clients we've had the honor to work with through the years. 

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